How Get a Totally Free iPad

On this page you will find all the handy hints and tips you need to get your free ipad the actual process is so quick and simple.

Firstly you need to go to FreebieJeebies and sign up

Then complete an offer. There are certain offers we recommend take a look.

Offer NameOffer ImageCost
IntuitFREE!Click here to sign up and complete this offer
62 DaysFREE!Click here to sign up and complete this offer
Coral£5 (Cheap Considering your free iPad has a retail value of £599)Click here to sign up and complete this offer

Now all you need to do is get some friends or work mates to do the same and you have your Free iPad, Free iPhone or any other free gifts.

How can the company afford it?

Well there is a new form of marketing known as incentive marketing. Companies like Intuit e.t.c will pay FreebieJeebies commission for driving new custom to their service. (which is why you compelte an offer). It is this commission that FreebieJeebies use to pay for your free gift, and the shipping!

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